Introducing Actionable Cards.

Because push notifications are dead 😵

#StandOut To Be Sold Out

#StandOut To Be Sold Out

Everyone is trying to fit your app in. What if we tell that your app was made to stand out?

Get Things Done In Lesser Steps

Get Things Done In Lesser Steps

Math says lesser steps yield more results. Who would argue with Math?

Attract And Keep More Customers

Attract And Keep More Customers

If you'll respect what your user appreciates, your user will love you back. ❤️

Infinite Possiblities

Showcasing a few of them.

Sell Directly via Cards

Cards not only inform your customer about the cart he/she didn't checkout, but also allows to checkout from within itself.

Let Them Comment/Reply

Cards can notify about updates on the conversations a user is part of and also allow him/her to continue the conversation from within itself.

Happy, Sad, Otherwise?

Always having a tab on your users' sentiments helps you understand and serve them better. Allow users to react through Cards.

Tap Tap Tap

Sometimes, all you need is a confirmation/denial from your user on an entity. Why bother them with opening an app? get it done through Cards.


Let's have a deal.

Pay us only if we get you paid.

5 %

per successful payment transaction

  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited Actionable Cards.
  • Accept payments from around the world.
  • Besides accepting payments, Horntell is entirely FREE to use.
  • No upper soft limit.
  • No monthly cap.

No limited trial. No credit/debit card required. Super support. 👍🏻

Wait, There's More!

A few more things worth knowing.



A clean and consistent REST API that you can get started with in minutes.

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Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Cards work exactly same on Web and Android. In sync.



Have some burning questions. We've got you the answers.

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Ask us anything 😎

We love to talk. Be it about future of internet and technology, joining us on our mission or just a plain simple hello.

So, let's talk!. You may ask us anything and we'll get back to you within a day.