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Introducing Assistive Cards

Every Android App's Own Personal Assistant

Individual components of your app are delivered to your user's home screen, even when your app is closed.

3x App Opens And Conversions

3x App Opens And Conversions

Begin engaging with users from the Card itself and then bring them to your app for further actions.

Detailed Analytics Included

Detailed Analytics Included

Whatever happens in a Card is presented neatly in the dashboard for you to learn from and act upon.

Personal, Fun and Addictive

Personal, Fun and Addictive

Assistive Cards get more done is less time. Users love it when app developers care about them.

More App Opens

Better way to get your app opened

1. Assistive Card Arrives

An Assistive Card arrives on user's homescreen containing rich content and the embedded action.

2. Engagement Happens

The user takes the action right there and then immediately is shown a prompt to open the app.

3. App Opens

User is already invested enough in the process that she opens the app.

Payments via Cards

Simplest way to 3x conversions

1. Assistive Card Arrives

An Assistive Card arrives on user's homescreen containing rich content and the embedded action.

2. Transaction Review

The user fills in payment details in the Assistive Card and is prompted to confirm the transaction.

3. Money In The Bank

We handle the transaction and the money is deposited in your bank account. All this without leaving the Card.

Infinite Possiblities

Showcasing a few of them.

Sell Directly via Cards

They not only inform your customers about the cart they have abandoned, but also allows to pay for the cart from the Card itself.

Let Them Comment/Reply

They can notify about updates on the conversations a user is part of and also allow her to continue the conversation from the Card itself.

Happy, Sad, Otherwise?

Always having a tab on your users' sentiments helps you understand and serve them better. Reviews and feedback will begin flowing.

Tap Tap Tap

Sometimes, all you need is a confirmation/denial from your user on an entity. Get them done through the Cards.

Wait, There's More!

A few more things worth knowing.



A clean and consistent REST API that you can get started with in minutes.

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Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Cards work exactly same on Web and Android. In sync.



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