Frequently Asked Questions

General #

What do "Assistive Cards" even mean?

Think of Actionable Cards as tiny containers to hold individual components of your app. They are your micro apps. They can be presented to the user even when they aren't in your app, and can get the thing done either there itself or bring them to your app via Deep Links.

How does it work?

First, you'll need to add Horntell SDK in your Android app (it's less than 60kb) to show the Cards.

Second, push the Cards from your backend using our API/dashboard.

Lastly, whatever action happens, we send the details of it to your servers using webhooks for you to handle them accordingly.

How can I connect my business logic with the actions happening in the Actionable Cards?

We'll push the actions taken in your Cards through webhooks, where you can take care of the action as per your business logic. We've a very robust architecture to make sure that you get the action received on your servers.

Can I use it for marketing and promotions?

Absolutely! In fact, think of it as your personal assistant getting things done by your users. Marketing will be personal, fun and addictive.

Can I broadcast an Assistive Card?

Yes, you can broadcast a Card to all or a set of users of your app.

How real time the Cards are?

They'll be delivered in < 200ms.

What kind of stats do you provide for Cards?

We track and tell you everything that we can related to the Cards. The stats like total Cards sent (per campaign), how many of them were seen, read, acted upon are all part of your dashboard.

We also plan to add more context to this data in next few months.

Team #

How big is your team?

We are nine people.

Can I join your team?

Of course! If you love what we are doing and are game for solving some difficult problems, drop an email at mohit [at] horntell [dot] com.

Product #

Why this product? I mean, can this be a billion dollar company?

It will certainly be. Current product is "start small" part of "Think big, start small."

Imagine these Cards evolve such that everything a person did inside an app could be done through Cards. That's are vision. We want every app to be used through Cards. Developers wouldn't need to create and maintain an app for every platform, operating system, screen size and Users wouldn't need to keep their hardware and software updated to use their favorite apps.

Everything is one.

Investors #

I like the product. Are you raising funds?

Yes, we're raising Series A.

How do you plan to use this money?

We’re very strong-headed to use this on three things - people, technology and partnerships (in that order).

On just these three things?

I forgot to include beers. :)

I think, I’m interested. To whom I can get in touch?

Me. Shoot me an email at mohit [at] horntell [dot] com. But, if you are just window shopping, please mention that in email.

Why "investor" section is so below in these FAQs?

It's just a little filter. Only *really* interested people would come this down here.

Extra #

These FAQs are awesome. Who wrote it?

Lord Voldemort. Just kidding! This idiot did.

Can I have a GIF please?

There you go...

Want this notification center for your app?


Ask us anything 😎

We love to talk. Be it about future of internet and technology, joining us on our mission or just a plain simple hello.

So, let's talk!. You may ask us anything and we'll get back to you within a day.